Carvan Education Society

(A Non Govt. Organization registered under societies registration act, 1860)


The main aim and objective of the society is to work for empowering the young people (students) from the weaker section of the society in the following way:

  • a) To help the youngsters (students) in choosing the right courses, colleges and accommodation options for pursuing quality education.
  • b) To counsel the students for their career and bringing the students of same area/interests in touch with each other to share the resources and expertise.
  • c) To arrange for the resources for the needy students.
  • d) To interest and involve the students in the service of society according to their means and available time.
  • e) To work towards bringing better health facility and clean environment for the students and community.
  • f) To work for the educational and cultural progress of the students/people.

In addition, the Society would work towards the economic, social and intellectual empowerment of the community.
It is understood that this is a multifarious task and would necessarily involve efforts in many directions like, but not limited to, the following:

  • • promoting literacy,
  • • providing better health,
  • • enabling individuals with skills, techniques, and technology to promote self-help groups and generate employment opportunities,
  • • motivating individuals be aware of and fight for their rights as citizens of the country and
  • • providing technical skills to work for the society and nation.
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